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Mission Statement
SVBR works with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Vermont Association of Realtors (VR) to provide members with resources to serve the public in a professional and ethical manner, and to support the benefits of real property ownership.

Objective 1:
Raise 100% of the established RPAC Fundraising goal

Objective 2:
Increase SVBR Participation rates on NAR and State calls for action.

Objective 3:
Support property rights, housing, and real property ownership by providing active campaign assistance for local political candidates that are friendly to Realtor® Party issues.

Objective 4:
Be the “voice for real estate” and promote market statistics and/or real estate trends and issues and their impact to consumers.

Objective 5:
Enhance community involvement to promote the value proposition of using a Realtor® and/or engage in community activities that enhance the image of Realtors®.

Objective 6:
Heighten community investment through organizing human resources or fundraising to benefit a local charitable/community organization.

Objective 7:
Offers education courses focused on the critical skills and knowledge that members will need to be successful as marketplace evolves.

Objective 8:
Members know how and where to access Realtor® resources (national, state, local)

Objective 9:
Effective Financial plan is in place.

Objective 10:
Training focused on the needs of broker owners and managers

Objective 11:
Association website serves as a user friendly portal to national, state and local resources.

Objective 12:
DR, office managers and team leaders work in cooperation with the association to keep agents aware of Realtor® activities/resources available to them.

Objective 13:
Volunteer recruitment and retention program insures that required volunteer resources are available.

Objective 14:
New member “buddy” system focused on making new members feel welcomed.

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